Will Fuel Injector Cleaner Harm My Engine

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These days, vehicles come with a fuel injector instead of a carburetor. The fuel injector can become clogged and perform poorly after using your car to go many miles. Car fuel injector cleaners will solve this problem. However, can they be the catalysts for different car problems? Can a fuel injector cleaner harm your engine? Continue reading to find out.

What are Fuel Injector Cleaners?

Fuel injectors are mechanical devices that spray fuel or inject fuel into a car’s engine using valves controlled electronically so that a car has the right air/fuel mixture for optimum combustion. For fuel efficiency, fuel injectors do not only have to spray the correct quantity of fuel but also spray the fuel at the right angle and with the correct spray pattern.

After using a fuel injector for miles, it can become clogged with impurities found in the fuel system and consequently need to be cleaned. This is where fuel injector cleaners come in. Fuel system cleaners are manufactured additives meant to eliminate the impurities in the dirty fuel injector and combustion chamber.

They dissolve the buildup when you pour them into the gas tank. There are different types of fuel injector cleaners. While some focus on maintaining the fuel system, improving engine performance, and fuel delivery, others focus on eliminating the dirt and cleaning the system.

Knowing Your Fuel Injector Needs Cleaning and How Injector Cleaners Help?

Many car users often wonder if fuel injector cleaners work. Yes, they do. They are one of the essential fuel additives because they will provide you with a clean fuel system and maintain your vehicle’s performance. Although different cleaner products focus on different things, they all pretty much work towards helping you prevent excess carbon buildup from reducing the efficiency of your entire fuel system.

These fuel additives are strong solvents that dissolve the dirt in the injector and prevent the loss of fuel efficiency. You’ll know when your fuel injector needs to be cleaned and you’ll be able to see the benefits of fuel injector cleaners.

Engine misfire. A faulty fuel injector will result in a misfiring engine. This happens when the injector valves fail to open and close the right way. The right injector cleaner will solve this problem by improving your fuel delivery and engine performance.

Power loss. Power loss is another sign you’ll see when you have a bad fuel injector. This issue can occur due to the fuel containing octane-boosting ingredients, but it can also be because you have a bad fuel injector.

Smoke emission. Low-quality fuel can result in the emission of carbon monoxide. Carbon accumulation occurs over time and this results in fuel injector clogging. To avoid carbon accumulation, you should use the right cleaning product to dissolve the carbon deposit, eliminate the dirt, and give you a clean engine.

Adverse Effects a Fuel Injector Cleaner can Have

Fuel injector cleaners are fuel additives that can improve the efficiency of your car but only when used the proper way. Here are some side effects a fuel injector cleaner may have.

Sensor damage

A car’s engine has many sensors whose function is to monitor fuel efficiency, the intake of oxygen, and other functions. The oxygen sensor has an increased sensitivity to the strong chemicals usually found in the injector cleaners. Consequently, sensors may have significant damage when incessantly exposed to such additives. After some time, the check engine light will come on, and some cars may have black smoke coming from the exhaust.

Harmed fuel pump

Some fuel injector cleaners are more potent than others. Certain injector cleaners are corrosive agents that gradually damage the tank lining and fuel pump. This causes leaks or a reduction in your vehicle’s performance.

Excessive Vibration

Some injection cleaners can harm the fuel injection system, preventing one or more cylinders from getting fuel. The inability of the cylinder to receive fuel will not stop it from completing a cycle. However, it will cause the engine to vibrate excessively because of the lack of internal combustion.

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Can a Fuel Injector Cleaner Harm your Engine?

There are various fuel injector cleaners made up of different constituents. Cleaners containing corrosive solvents can compound a fuel pump’s existing problems or harm the fuel tank lining. Before using any cleaning product, look at the ingredients and see if the product is compatible with your fuel type.

Vehicles that use diesel use different cleaner products from vehicles that use gas. Putting a gas-formulated fuel cleaner product into a car with a diesel system can cause problems. Generally, avoid using cleaners that contain ingredients that are too strong as they can cause damage to the car’s system.

Using a Fuel Injector Cleaner the Proper Way

Fuel injector cleaners have their benefits, but you need to use the cleaner compatible with your car to get these benefits. For your engine to be in good health, you need to get the right cleaner for your car and use it the right way.

Engine type

To get the right fuel injector cleaner, you need to know your engine type. Some engines run on petrol while others use diesel. You want to ensure you get the proper fuel injection cleaner for your engine. Otherwise, you may have problems with your engine’s performance.

Right amount

After determining your engine type and the fuel cleaner product to use, you need to determine how much cleaner to input in your car. Too little of a cleaner product may not give you the results you want, while too much of the cleaner product may harm your engine. Generally, it would be best to have an ounce of fuel cleaner product for each gallon of fuel. So, if your car has a fuel tank capacity of 10 gallons, you should use 10 ounces of the cleaner product.

Polyetheramine (PEA)

One of the common ingredients in a quality injector cleaner is polyetheramine which efficiently and quickly cleans the fuel injection system. It can also dissolve carbon deposits in the fuel lines which will improve the engine’s performance.

Final Thoughts

A fuel injector cleaner will do you a lot of good when used properly as it will remove harmful carbon and other deposits in your fuel injector. When getting a fuel additive, you need to have your engine type in mind. A product that is incompatible with your engine may damage it. To get the most efficiency out of your car, cleaning the fuel injector is essential and you can do that without damaging your engine once you do it the proper way.

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