10 Best Power Steering Stop Leak Additives Review

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To activate the power steering capabilities of your vehicle, a collection of pipes, pumps, and fluid lines are responsible for communicating your movements on the wheel onto the road. The fluid is then released into the system to turn the vehicle's wheels.

However, you may have noticed the appearance of oil drops and marks on the road surface beneath your vehicle.

If this is the case, you may be dealing with a power steering leak. If ignored, there is an increased risk of the pump becoming damaged and you may be faced with some hefty repair bills. 

A power steering stop leak additive will seal these leaks and remove debris. Although the use of such product doesn’t provide a long-term solution as you should consult a mechanic, they provide an immediate and temporary resolve to the issue until a visit to a garage is possible.

We have browsed the market and selected our top 10 picks of the best power steering stop leak additives available which are likely to prove effective in rectifying the issue.

Are you in a hurry? If so, you will find our top pick below.


Lucas 10008 Power Steering Stop Leak - 12 oz

Lucas has been recognized for producing reliable stop leak products for quite some time.

This power steering stop leak additive intends to stop leaks in power steering units while also reducing slack, squeals, and hard spots in worn rack and pinions. In fact, the brand guarantees its effectiveness in eradicating such issues.

This product is formulated from a combination of special oils and petroleum extracted additives that do not contain any solvents.

As such, the product will work to stop any leaks before they escalate into more severe issues. It can also be used as a preventative maintenance product to preserve the quality and condition of new units.

The product comes in a 12 Oz bottle. Using the full bottle is likely to suffice when dealing with the majority of leaks, however, the use of a second bottle will likely be required if the leak is more severe. 


  • Provides a cost-effective solution to fixing the majority of leaks.
  • Following application, leaks are noticeably improved and steering is smoother.
  • It helps to reduce the amount of noise produced by the power steering system so it isn’t as disruptive.


  • Two bottles of this product are likely going to be required for sealing larger and more severe leaks.


Prestone AS262 Power Steering Fluid with Stop Leak, 50,000 Miles, 12 oz.

The Prestone AS262 Power Steering Fluid With Stop Leak works to stop fluid loss that has been caused as a result of leaking seals.

Because of this, it will also ensure that the power steering system continues to run smoothly. The inclusion of anti-wear agents also protects the pump components from damage.

This product is compatible with the following vehicles; GM, Ford, Chrysler, and the majority of foreign cars and light trucks. However, inputting the specific details of your vehicle will ensure that you are provided with the correct product.

The formulation of high-quality oils and additives will help to revitalize shrunken, dried, and hardened seals.

Aside from this, it also includes antifoam agents which will prevent steering loss and pump cavitation, corrosion inhibitors that protect the metal components, and pour point depressants which allow for smooth steering even in cooler temperatures.

As a result, it is going to enhance the life of your vehicle's system. 


  • Retailing at an affordable price, this product offers a cost-effective solution.
  • The design of the bottle allows you to pour the product with ease.
  • It helps to reduce any whining sounds produced by the power steering system.


  • While it helps to slow down leaks, it isn’t as effective in stopping them entirely.


ATP AT-205 Re-Seal Stops Leaks, 8 Ounce Bottle

As a professional strength product, the ATP AT-205 Re-seal works to stop leaks with speed.

It intends to rejuvenate rubber seals and gaskets in the vehicle's power steering system and also the engine, differentials, hydraulic system, and transmissions.

The formulation of the products works by blending with the vehicle’s oil to treat and condition these components.

As for compatibility, this product is safe for use with conventional and synthetic oils, ATF, power steering fluids, and hydraulic oils.

It doesn’t contain petroleum distillates but instead contains a plasticizer chemical which will restore the flexibility of the seal while ensuring that the components do not become broken down or damaged.

The product comes in an 8 ounce bottle which is an adequate amount for a 6 quart capacity. Larger and more severe leaks may require the use of more bottles.

Depending on the severity of the issue, most leaks are likely to be rectified in around 5 hours of driving so it isn’t going to be an overly time consuming process. 


  • It is effective in reducing leaks in many parts of the vehicle.
  • The formulation of this product isn’t harmful to the vehicle’s internal components so it isn’t going to cause damage.
  • It seals leaks within a short amount of time so you don’t have to spend lengthy periods waiting for it to work.


  • It is a more costly option that may not appeal to those on a budget.


Hapco Products - Pro-Seal – 8 oz.

The Hapco Products - Pro-Seal guarantees to stop oil and fluid leaks or you will get your money back.

While it can be used for power steering leaks, it is also suitable for the vehicle engine, hydraulic system, transmission, and differentials.

As the formulation does not contain any petroleum distillates, it isn’t going to harm or damage the vehicle’s seals and components.

Aside from this, it is also deemed to be a non - clogging product so you can add it without concerns of such issues occurring. Furthermore, it is also suitable for all conventional and synthetic oils.

This is an easy to use product that works to restore the flexibility and elasticity of the rubber seals to prevent leaks with speed.

To use the product, you must ensure that the vehicle is off before adding the bottle to the reservoir where a leak has been identified.

Upon doing so, you can then continue to drive your vehicle and expect the leaks to have stopped following 2 to 5 hours of circulation.


  • It can be used as a seal conditioner to prevent further leaks.
  • It can be purchased in multiple pack quantities should you require the use of more than one bottle.
  • It is easy to use and compatible with all conventional and synthetic oils.


  • Some customers have reported that multiple doses were required to achieve effective results in stopping leaks.


Bar's Leaks 1630 Power Steering Stop Leak - 11 oz,Grey

As a brand, Bar’s Leaks are renowned for their reliable and effective stop leak products with the following considered to be one of their best offerings.

The Bar’s Leaks 1630 Power Steering Stop Leak works to resolve all types of power steering leaks.

By restoring and sealing the vehicle's O rings it will prevent the occurrence of future leaks.

Aside from this, it will also work to reduce high volumes of noise produced by the vehicle's power steering pump which will likely prove less distracting on your journeys.

Compatible with all types of power steering fluids it can be used with all petroleum based, mineral oil, synthetic fluids, and Dexron and Mercon ATF.

As such, you needn’t worry about it causing unwanted damage to the vehicle following application.

While it is effective at stopping leaks, it can also be used to remove hard spots and ensure that the seals maintain their softness and flexibility.


  • Unlike many other stop leak products, this one is non-corrosive, non-clogging, and non-foaming.
  • It is an expensive solution for rectifying problems with power steering leaks.
  • It can be used on rack and pinion units as well as gearboxes and pumps.


  • Although it is effective in resolving minor leaks, it doesn’t work as well on larger leaks.


BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak

The BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak Claims to permanently repair leaks even after miles of driving. In fact, the brand guarantees that it is going to achieve such results.

The non-clogging formula eliminates the risk of your engine becoming damaged following use. Furthermore, it is also suitable for use in diesel and gasoline engines.

While it is predominantly intended for repairing leaks, it can also be used to recondition rubber seals through any fluid oil system in the vehicle.

It also doesn’t contain any petroleum distillates which can cause the components inside the vehicle to become damaged.

As an 8oz bottle, it is expected to treat around 4 to 6 quarts of motor oil. Following application, you should operate your vehicle allowing the product around 1 to 2 hours to set before delivering noticeable results in stopping the leaks.

For larger leaks, you should allow the product more time to work. 


  • Customers have praised this product's effectiveness in stopping leaks as guaranteed.
  • It doesn’t include any chemicals that are going to be harmful or damaging to the engine.
  • The design of the bottle makes it easy to pour into the reservoir where there is a leak.


  • Although this product is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines, it isn’t the most compatible option for synthetic oils. 


SealLube - Stops Leaks: Gasoline Engines, Diesel Engines, Automatic Transmissions, Manual Transmissions, Power Steering, Rack and Pinion, Differentials and Hydraulic Systems - 8 oz.

The SealLube - Stop Leaks claims to positively stop rubber seal leaks in many of the vehicle's fluid systems.

This includes the hydraulic system, transmissions, power steering unit, rack and pinions, differentials, and more. It is also suitable for gasoline and diesel engines.

The formula of this product works by revitalizing rubber seals that are hard, shrunken, or leaking to restore them to their original condition. Applying this product will also help to prevent the occurrence of future leaks too.

This product has been formulated without using petroleum distillates, a chemical that can be harmful to the vehicle. Because of this, you needn’t worry about repeated use of this treatment causing damage to the seals.

When applying the product you may wish to apply the full 8oz bottle or calculate the volume so that 10z of the solution is added per quart capacity.

Once the product has been added you can then continue to drive your vehicle as normal as doing so will encourage the circulation of the fluid.


  • It is covered by a 100% money back guarantee so you can receive a refund if you are dissatisfied with the product.
  • It is available in different sizes and multiple pack quantities so you can select the amount needed for the severity of the leak.
  • As a powerful product, it only needs to be used in small amounts.


  • It isn’t as effective in resolving differential leaks.


NO LEAK 20301 Power Steering Stop Leak, 16 Fl oz.

Coming in a 16 oz bottle and retailing at an affordable price, the NO LEAK 20301 Power Steering Stop Leak product provides an inexpensive solution to repairing leaks.

This additive works to stop existing leaks and prevent the occurrence of future leaks too.

This product works by stopping leaks caused by seals that have hardened, shrunken, or dried. Aside from this, it will also swell and condition the rubber seals and O-rings while preventing vehicle squeals too by quietening the system.

As for compatibility, it is suitable for all types of power steering vehicles and doesn’t present the risk of this system becoming damaged.

The design of this bottle makes it easy to pour into the necessary part of the vehicle's systems.

If the use of the full bottle is required you will likely need to drain or siphon some of the fluid in the system to accommodate the contents of the bottle.


  • This product comes in a clear bottle which makes it easier to see how much you are using.
  • It is affordably priced and ideal for those who don’t want to spend a lot on repairing the leak.
  • It comes in a generously sized bottle so you have enough product for treating larger leaks.


  • While it is effective in slowing down leaks some customers have reported that it doesn’t completely stop them.


STP 17925 Power Steering Fluid & Stop Leak, 12 fl. oz.

As a brand, STP offers an affordable way of resolving any leaks. The unique 2 in 1 formula protects the vehicle's components from fluid loss caused by worn or shrunken seals.

This liquid formulation also acts as a special conditioner revitalizing dried and hardened seals to prevent the occurrence of further issues.

For preventative maintenance, this product can be used instead of regular power steering liquids although it can be used with all approved power steering liquids too. Because of this, it isn’t going to cause any damage to the vehicle's system.

This product comes in a 12 Oz bottle and the quantity that is used will depend on how big the leak is.

When used to prevent leaks and reduce fluid loss around 7 oz per quart of power steering system should be used.

It is also easy to apply to. Ensure that the engine is turned off before adding the solution to the necessary reservoir. It is important to avoid overfilling the reservoir as this may lead to further issues.


  • Retailing at a budget friendly price, it offers a cost-effective way of stopping leaks.
  • This product helps to smoothen the performance of the power steering system.
  • The formula helps to protect the vehicle's components from everyday wear and tear.


  • It isn’t the most practical option for repairing larger leaks as they may end up requiring regular treatment. 


Berryman Products 0712 Transmission and Power Steering Sealer with Easy Pour-in Long-Neck Bottle, 11 Ounce, (Single Unit)

The BerrymanTransmission and Power Steering Sealer intend to stop leaks in automatic transmissions and power steering units. It does so by revitalizing hardened seals and O rings to prevent such leaks from occurring.

It can also be used as a leak preventative and seal conditioner to help prolong the life and quality of the vehicle's components.

This solution is compatible with all types of power steering and automatic transmission fluids and the formula is composed of premium plasticizers, lubricants, and adhesives which will help to preserve the quality of the parts and prevent damage.

Just like our previous selections, this product is easy to use. To treat existing leaks you will need to add 1 Oz of the solution to the power steering fluid reservoir.

Alternatively, if used for automatic transmission you may add the whole contents of the bottle.

After doing so, you should then continue to drive your vehicle while allowing the product around 1 week to effectively treat the issues.


  • The long neck of the bottle makes it easy to pour the product into the vehicle.
  • It is effective in treating power steering leaks.
  • To treat smaller leaks a small amount of product is required so it is likely to last for a decent amount of time.


  • While it effectively repairs smaller leaks, it doesn’t treat larger and more severe leaks as well. 

Best Power Steering Stop Leak Additives Buying Guide

There are several factors that you will need to consider before choosing your stop leak product.

As you can see there are many different options available on the market and it is important to select the best option for your vehicle.

While power steering stop leak additives can be effective, they should only be used as a temporary measure until you can get the issue rectified by a professional.

This is because over time the effectiveness of these repairs will begin to deteriorate. If the product doesn’t work after multiple attempts, you should refrain from using it.

Applying too much product can cause the seals to swell up and become clogged, as a result, you will likely be confronted with some hefty repair bills.

Stop leak products also tend to be a more viable option for smaller leaks becoming less effective as the leaks become larger and more severe.

When selecting your product, ensure that it is suitable for your vehicle. Some will be suitable for a range of vehicles, while others will be specifically designed for a certain model. Using the incorrect product may worsen the issue.

Also, consider the bottle size and the frequency in which the product is likely to be used. Smaller bottles are ideal for one-off uses, but a larger option is ideal for treating leaks that require several applications. 

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