Best Diesel Fuel Additive – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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While the main reasons for using a diesel fuel additive in your vehicle are cleaning and lubricity, there are other reasons. Most of these additives have great features added to them to improve fuel efficiency and overall engine performance, to name a few benefits.

With many different brands of fuel additives available for diesel vehicles, we created a list of some of the best of them. Together we will explore the features of these products to see what they have to offer for fuel economy and more.

Below we are going to take a look to find out what these fuel stabilizers can do for all diesel vehicles, so keep reading to save yourself time and effort.

Comparison Chart

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Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive
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Opti-Lube XPD Formula Diesel Fuel Additive
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Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme 1 Gallon
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BIOBOR JF Diesel Fuel Additive
Archoil AR6500 Diesel Treatment

Best Diesel Fuel Additive Reviews

The Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

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When it comes to combustion performance in diesel fuel engines, this additive from Stanadyne will not disappoint. This brand has many years of experience in the fuel enhancement industry to increase the overall user experience and vehicle performance.


Many of the primary motor manufacturers worldwide have improved this fuel additive in most of their vehicles. These manufacturers include Ford, Deer, General Motors, and many other brands for improved performance in all models of vehicles constructed by them.

To prevent fuel gelling, fuel additive products provided by Stanadyne come with an anti-gelling agent in their formula. This will help lower the gelling point during the cold winter months to prevent the fuel line from lowering the overall flow.

This fuel additive provides high cetane improvement in fuel combustion performance and engine performance for better engine starting. Adding this product to your vehicle’s diesel fuel will also help reduce engine noise to make the engine run much smoother.

You also have a high average improvement of up to 4 percent in MPG and a gain of up to 9.6 percent. This will improve the overall fuel economy of your vehicle so you can get more mileage out of your car.

This product comes in relatively large containers, making it difficult to pour the additive into your vehicle’s tank. You will need to carry a funnel with you or pour it over into a smaller container that will fit easier.

One can only use the additive with biofuels of up to B20 purity which takes away some of the versatility of this fuel additive. This is unfortunate. You can not use it with vehicles with higher purity biodiesel fuel.

Regardless of that, with this additive in your vehicle’s fuel, you will experience increased engine performance and better fuel consumption.


  • This additive has a high fuel mileage gain
  • It dramatically increases fuel stability in diesel engines
  • It will improve overall cetane boost in the fuel
  • This product will lower the engine noise drastically


  • It would be best if you had a funnel to pour it into the tank
  • It is only compatible with biodiesel fuels of up to B20

Opti-Lube XPD Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

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You will not need extra fuel injector cleaners when you use this fuel additive in any of your vehicles. It comes with many extra features to help protect your vehicle’s engine and prevent engine issues so it can last longer.


The cetane rating of fuel will increase quite a bit when you use the fuel additive from Opti-Lube with your vehicles. This will mean an increase in fuel combustion, which will improve the overall engine lifetime and your vehicle’s performance.

Every fuel system component will be protected with the formula to improve the life span of all the fuel line parts. It will also help reduce the chances of replacing fuel filters regularly with much cleaner fuel.

Costs of vehicle ownership are reduced with increased fuel consumption when using this additive in your diesel fuel. This is because you will use less fuel over the lifetime of your vehicle, cutting the overall cost to keep it running.

This additive will prevent the buildup of carbon deposits in the engine to reduce the cost further, making it perform better. This also means that you will spend less money on maintenance on the engine of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, it is found that there is not a noticeable difference in the overall performance of older diesel vehicles. So, it will not help improve the diesel fuel economy of older vehicles, which won’t save you money on fuel costs.

The syringe that comes with this additive cannot suck the fluid from the bottom part of the container. This means you will lose that last bit of fluid, which will reduce the quantity you have available for use.

Lubricity additives in the formula will prevent poor lubricity in the engine, improving the overall life span.


  • Helps to improve cetane rating of fuel
  • Prevents the buildup of carbon deposits in the engine
  • You have many extras included with this fuel additive
  • Can treat a lot of fuel with one container
  • Will keep fuel injectors clean to last longer


  • There is not a difference in fuel economy in older vehicles
  • The syringe will not suck up the last bit of lubricant from the bottom of the container

Diesel Extreme From Hot Shot’s Secret

41Z1iyFawiL. SL500

If you need an additive that comes with fuel injector cleaners, look no further, as this product has a special formula. That is not all you get with this fuel additive. Many outstanding performance enhancement elements are included with this product for a better user experience.


With this fuel additive, every part in the fuel line will receive a thorough cleaning, including the fuel injection pump. This additive will provide much better overall fuel conditions and economy and an improvement in the overall performance of the engine.

This diesel additive contains cetane boosters to help increase the combustion performance of the diesel in your vehicle, which will increase the overall performance of your vehicle with much easier startup and less noisy operation of the engine.

It also consists of lubricity improvers to make your engine run much smoother and increase the life of your engine. This will increase not just fuel mileage but also eliminates smoke and improves the air-fuel mixture for an MPG gain of nearly 10 percent.

While it cleans the fuel lines to improve better fuel performance, it also cleans your vehicle’s fuel tank. That means there will be much fewer contaminants that may block the fuel line and fuel pump, stopping your vehicle from running.

When you need to add this fuel additive to the fuel, you will find it challenging to pour it into the tank. There is no syringe to make it easier to retrieve the fluid from the container, so you need to improvise.

That is because this is not an anti-gel formula, so you will not be able to use it for the cold weather. Without an anti-gelling winter treatment, you will have to add a separate anti-gel diesel fuel additive at an extra cost.

With this additive, you will have many benefits, such as less black smoke and better mileage.


  • Provides clean diesel injection for better performance
  • Can use it with many gallons of fuel
  • Eliminates smoke in the engine
  • Improved overall fuel economy with this additive
  • Provide much better throttle response for your vehicle


  • There is no syringe added to make your pouring job easier
  • It is not an anti-gel formula

The Biobor JF Diesel Fuel Additive From Hammonds

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If you need a fuel additive with most of the features you need for a clean fuel system, this is the ideal choice. This formula will be able to kill and prevent diesel bugs and this keep your tank free of any bacterial growth and create a healthy fuel line.


With the proper fuel treatment you get with this fuel additive, the fuel quality will increase to provide a clean fuel line. This will, in turn, give you much cleaner combustion chambers and a healthier engine to increase the overall lifespan.

The whole fuel system will be much healthier because of the complete protection against the growth of bacteria. This also means that you will be able to store the diesel fuel for much longer, which is great for large storage capacity.

With much less sludge accumulation, the fuel system filters will stay clean for extended periods. This feature will save you a lot of money, and you do not need to replace the filter as often anymore.

It will also increase the fuel’s lubricity to keep the fuel system lubricated for much longer. This also means that your fuel system will be healthier and provide much cleaner fuel to the combustion system.

Even though you have cleaner fuel system components, there will be a low MPG gain with this additive. That simply means that the overall gain in fuel economy and performance will be much smaller than expected.  

Without a cetane improver in this formula, you will not have any improvement in fuel combustion, which leads to a slower startup. This means the low cetane score will not boost fuel economy and have no impact on the vehicle’s total fuel consumption.

With this additive to your fuel, you get a clean system and a cost-effective way to save money on replacement parts. 


  • It will prevent bacterial growth in the fuel tank
  • It will remove excess water from the fuel
  • This product is OEM and aviation approved
  • It is a potent formula


  • It does not come with a high fuel efficiency gain
  • This fuel additive does not provide cetane improvement for the fuel

The Archoil AR6500 Diesel Treatment

Issues with modern diesel fuels are addressed with this fuel additive to prevent most of the problems you may encounter. This versatile fuel treatment will provide you with a solution for most of the problems in diesel systems.


The AR6500 formula will help to remove all carbon from the turbo and other key fuel system components and prevent accumulation. This feature will help present turbo lag and remove the lack of overall performance in the vehicle.

It will prevent fuel injector deposits, and AR6500 will remove the deposits accumulated before using this product, which will provide the correct spraying patterns of the fuel injectors and extend the engine lifespan.

A cetane boost of up to 8 percent will result in an excellent fuel economy to stretch the fuel mileage. This will also help to improve overall power performance and reduce emissions for a healthier engine and environment.

By preventing the fuel from degrading and forming sludge, the stability of the fuel will increase and prevent the plugging of fuel filters. That is achieved with a powerful dispersant in the formula that dissolves sludge and varnish, which may clog the filters and fuel system.

This formula will not prevent the fuel from gelling in the colder winter months as there is no anti-gelling feature. This means that you need to buy a different product if you need winter protection in your fuel system.

It will also not remove excess water from the fuel, which will not increase the combustion capacity of the fuel. AR6500 will also not prevent the growth of bacteria in the fuel tank, so a special treatment needs to be added for such problems.

This fuel drive is ideal for those who need a product to improve fuel performance and clean the fuel system.


  • It provides a powerful cetane boost
  • This formula can treat a high volume of diesel fuel
  • It is compatible with all the different types of diesel fuel systems
  • Two containers of additives are included in a package


  • One can not use it in cold weather
  • This formula will not remove water from the fuel

Final Thoughts

The Stanadyne Performance formula diesel fuel additive with a high cetane improver and the anti-gelling feature will be number one in this lineup. In second place is the Opti-Lube XPD formula with a high lubricity feature and improved fuel economy with the straightforward application option.

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