5 Best 0w20 Synthetic Oil

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Synthetic engine oil should always be your go-to choice. If you’re looking for the best oil the industry has to offer, you will always end up with the synthetic kind. 

If the time has come to change your oil, it can be confusing to know which one is best suited to your vehicle.

Unlike traditional oil, synthetic oils are far better at coping with extreme temperatures while keeping a high level of viscosity to ensure your engine stands the test of time.

In order to find you the best synthetic oil, we have done over 20 hours of thorough research and come up with the top 5 synthetic oils on the market today.

That way, you won’t have to worry about scouring the market for hours on end. We will discuss the pros and cons of each product so you can make a balanced decision on which one is right for you.

Need your oil soon? Here is our top pick to get you moving!


Castrol 03124 Edge 0W-20 Advanced Full Synthetic Motor Oil, 5 Quart

Castrol oils have been powering engines for over 100 years. This highly reputable brand is renowned for providing the best oils, fluids, and lubricants for every driver and rider around the world.

This trend continues with Castrol 0314 EDGE synthetic oil. Dispersant molecules in the oil’s structure prevent any formation of sludge or other deposits helping improve your vehicle’s overall performance over time.

Castrol 03124 synthetic oil reduces friction in your car’s engine helping prolong its lifespan. Friction inside your engine can have a dramatic negative impact on its performance by wearing it away gradually.

Fortunately, this oil’s anti-wear properties and a perfect level of viscosity ensure the metal components of your engine run smoothly and last a lot longer.

When buying synthetic oil, you will always want it to offer the ultimate protection for your engine.

Thankfully, Castrol 03124 doesn’t just offer this but it guarantees your engine will be fully protected for a long time.

Its excellent efficiency will also improve your mileage and power output saving you money over time.


  • Has superb cleaning properties that keep the engine free of sludge and other deposits that can damage the engine’s health
  • Improves fuel efficiency saving you money over a period of time’
  • Suitable for all types of engines so you can use it on another vehicle you own if required


  • Its thickness is not very suitable for cold starts


Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20 Motor Oil 5 QT

For a fully synthetic motor oil that adds performance and reliability to your car’s engine, look no further than Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 0W-20 Motor oil.

The three main culprits that corrode your engine are heat, deposits, and wear. This oil works by battling each one to prevent your engine from getting damaged. This means it will be more effective in most environments whether it’s hot or cold.

Valvoline SAE 0W-20 oil offers outstanding protection against sludge, varnish, and deposits to help your motor run much smoother and for a longer time.

It also keeps the viscosity extremely stable meaning it remains very effective at higher temperatures, especially compared to its competitors.

Even if you are experiencing severe weather conditions such as heatwaves, this oil will keep your engine running smoothly and safely so you won’t have to worry.

This oil is just as impressive with supreme viscosity at cold temperatures. Its excellent formula is made to tackle cold starts with a better flow when starting up the engine.

Friction is kept to a minimum due to the oil’s anti-wear additives which will extend the life of your engine. For better fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and a limit to wear and tear in the engine, Valvoline 0W-20 synthetic oil provides the full package.


  • Its formula ensures maximum protection against sludge and varnish to keep your engine running smoother for longer
  • Provides a faster oil flow on startup so your car’s engine can run straight away on cold mornings
  • Very cost-effective saving you money on fuel as well as reducing emissions


  • The packaging has been known to be damaged upon arrival which could affect the oil’s quality


Idemitsu Full Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil SN/GF-5 - 5 Quart

For first-class engine oil that maximizes the protection of your engine as well as minimizing emissions, Idemitsu Full Synthetic 0W-20 Engine Oil is one to consider.

There will be no need to worry or stress over your engine’s health with this oil as it acts like the engine’s doctor ensuring it is running smoothly at all times.

Your car can be severely affected by different weather conditions. Ever noticed your engine struggling to start on a cold morning? This is usually because of the oil’s quality in the engine.

Thankfully, Idemitsu engine oil tackles this problem head-on. Whatever the weather conditions are, this oil retains its viscosity to keep your engine sufficiently lubricated.

This results in a better performing engine and the consumption of less fuel prolonging your engine’s lifespan and saving you money.

Idemitsu Full Synthetic Engine Oil creates a very tight film between various moving parts to help them slide more smoothly and effectively. This smoothness reduces any friction in the engine that can lead to gradual deterioration.


  • Provides excellent lubricant properties to reduce friction and help your engine last longer
  • Suitable for all different types of gasoline engines so you can use the oil on various motors you may own
  • Reduces emissions resulting in a lower environmental impact


  • Not suitable for diesel engines


Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil, 5 L

Made in Germany, Liquimoly 2208 0W-20 Special Tec AA Motor Oil is designed for high-performance vehicles, especially Japanese and American models.

Its excellent quality is backed up by the American Petroleum Institute and the International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee. At least you can use it with peace of mind!

Although it is made for high-performance vehicles, the majority of us don’t drive Ferraris or Lamborghini.

Thankfully, Liquimoly motor oil can still be used in many other engines to improve the handling and feel of your vehicle.

This oil’s temperature range has been improved dramatically so you can be safe in the knowledge that your car’s engine is protected whether it’s cold or hot.

This oil is shipped from overseas so is more costly than domestic brands. However, once you use it, it will be a worthy investment as it lasts a lot longer than many other oils maintaining your engine for a long duration.


  • 100% synthetic resulting in maximum engine wear protection and a wider temperature range to use in all climates
  • Very fuel-efficient to save you money, especially on high-mileage vehicles
  • Improves your vehicle’s performance by lubricating the engine for a smooth ride


  • More costly than domestic brands as it comes from overseas


Royal Purple Motor Oil, 0W20, Synthetic, 1 qt, Each

With an outstanding formula and an array of top-quality properties, Royal Purple Motor Oil is a favorite amongst many motorists.

Combining lubrication, wear-resistance, cleaning, and a host of other properties, this oil will enhance your engine’s performance for years to come.

While most synthetic oils work well at preventing corrosion and wear, Royal Purple Motor Oil goes one step further with its corrosion inhibitors. These help keep your engine clean and strong by preventing rust and corrosion from forming.

No matter what the weather, this oil contains high lubrication properties so your motor can run smoothly and efficiently in hot and cold climates.

It is always handy to find a synthetic oil that is compatible with all kinds of fuel and this is just what Royal Purple Motor Oil offers.

Its advanced formula allows it to be used with gasoline, diesel, and fuels that contain ethanol.

Versatility is the name of the game with Royal Purple Motor Oil but it is worth noting that it isn’t the best suit for sports cars.


  • The advanced formula adds extra protection for your engine so it runs smoothly for longer
  • Contains superb lubrication properties that keep engine components running easily and resists wear
  • Compatible with ethanol fuel engines which can be hard to find


  • Not suitable for sports cars or high-performance vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using synthetic oil over regular engine oil?

There are a whole host of advantages when using synthetic oil. This type of oil tends to last a lot longer than regular oil so most car owners will get far more use out of it.

Although it is more expensive, it allows you to change the oil every 5,000 to 7,000 miles as opposed to 2,000. Over time, this will save a considerable amount of money and, of course, effort.

Furthermore, unlike regular oil, synthetic oil doesn’t contain any impurities meaning it is better for the environment and ecosystem. It also leaves a lot less sludge on your engine so your motor can run smoother without parts getting clogged up.

Synthetic oil is more advantageous in hotter and colder weather conditions too. It keeps levels of oxidation very stable so your vehicle can start quickly and become more efficient on colder days as well as in hot temperatures.

Is synthetic oil better for high mileage cars?

The overall consensus on this is that synthetic oil is better for high mileage cars because of its special formula that extends the life of high mileage engines. It is rare to see brands advertise high mileage oils for cars with over 75,000 miles on the clock.

Although it isn’t vital to change to synthetic oil at this point, you should consider changing it the closer you get to 100,000 miles as synthetic products will add an extra layer of protection to your engine and its parts.

Like most things, the older your vehicle gets, the more care and attention it will require.

How often should I change synthetic oil?

This can vary with each vehicle. Most of the time, the timing can depend on the way you drive your vehicle and how much stress has been put on the engine.

Nonetheless, it is highly recommended you change synthetic oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles to ensure it continues to protect all assets of your engine.

If you’re unsure about your particular engine, you should consult your car’s user manual. Different manufacturers make recommendations on how often you should change it so the overall recommended mileage could differ with some car models.

Every engine has different circumstances such as its age, how often it is used, and how it is driven. If you’re in any doubt, it is best to change it every 3,000 to 5,000 miles just to have peace of mind and err on the side of caution. 

Synthetic engine oil will ensure your vehicle runs for a longer period of time with higher fuel efficiency so it is recommended you change to synthetic oil to save money and improve your vehicle’s performance.

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