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At TRE we do many service options for our clients, from Engine machine work to custom product design.

TRE not only builds new complete engines. TRE offers all machine shop services for any job small or large on most all makes at competitive pricing done on by our knowledgeable staff . Honing, boring, balancing, dynoing, assembly call today for a quote today on your next project.

Ask TRE about CNC porting the cylinder heads your currently running. TRE offers CNC programs for all types of heads and ALL Brands. Let us step up your current heads at a fraction of the costs of purchasing NEW cylinder heads.
EXPERT ASSEMBLY: The expert engine assembly room at TRE always has engines lined up and waiting to be assembled before they hit the dyno.

At TRE every step of the process is carefully controlled, from the cleaning of all the parts going into an engine, to the precision measuring of components during the assembly process.

The TRE staff, takes great care in assembling every engine, they treat it as if it is being built for their own use.

After assembly every engine is dynoed, checked over thoroughly and then crated for shipping. No step is skipped in the process of building your next TRE motor!

All completely assembled, dynoed and shipped to your door.
Shown Above: An example of new TRE engine being crated for shipping. As you can see TRE can supply your new engine with custom built transmission, convertor, MSD ignition, Magnafuel fuel system, and just about any part to
make your car build go smooth!
Shown Above: TRE is now including the TRE COMPETITION cnc machined logo at no extra charge on intake manifolds!
"5 axis cylinder head porting" All TRE heads are 100% 5 axis CNC ported!

TRE uses the finest porting machine in industry, the Centroid 5 axis system, with Mastercam software.

TRE offers lifter boring for most all types of engine blocks, with most any lifter size from .842-1.062. Standard or Jesel style bushings available.

All TRE heads are valve jobbed on a ultra precision Sunnen VGS-20 machine, with proprietary 5 angle cutters.

All TRE heads are 100% 5 axis CNC ported

A 18 degree big chief being final machined.
DYNO SERVICES: Our dyno room, this is a state of the art Superflow 902 dyno with the latest in data acquisition. O2 sensors, EGT sensors, and standard fuel/ oil sensors all standard on each engine.

The Superflow dyno we incorporate is capable of 2500 ft lbs of torque. TRE dyno's -blown pro mod engines, turbo outlaw engines, nitrous combos, and any type of normally aspirated engines.

Dyno Sheets for every engine we build, you know what you are getting for horsepower when we build or refresh your engine.

TYPICAL SERVICES: include Custom grind camshafts, Sheet metal intake manifolds, port and polish cylinder heads, block boring, block honing with torque plates, valve jobs, valve grinding, flat mill or angle mill cylinder heads, true deck engine block, flow bench work, cam tunnel boring, line bore.

Complete dissassembly-inspection-and assembly of race engines.

Dyno for final tune ups. Custom built parts and more!

PRODUCTS: In addition to our intake manifold offerings, many other components, accessories and parts that our racers require are available.

At TRE we utilize only the best in manufacturers and product lines in each of our engines, such as these listed below...

  • JE Pistons
  • Jesel Valvetrain
  • MGP Rods
  • Meziere waterpumps
  • Clevite Bearings
  • MSD Ignition
  • Total Seal Rings
  • Victory Valves
  • Callies Cranks
  • SpeedTech Nitrous

  • Typical Engine Services:
    Cylinder Boring & Correcting
    Blocks Decked, Bore and Honed
    Cam Tunnel Bored
    Clearance Block for rods
    Heads custom ported
    Custom valve jobs
    Angle or flat mill heads
    Custom ground camshafts
    Balancing Complete Engine balancing
    Dyno tuning Flow work on heads
    Custom sheet metal manifolds
    Custom TRE Signature Series Carbs
    Custom Nitrous work and plumbing

    Other Available Services:
    Complete Dyno Services
    Chassis Setup
    Lightening & Balancing
    Turbo setup, installation
    Blower tuneups
    Custom Carburation
    Custom Fabrication

    Some of our equipment:
    Sunnen CH100 cam bore and line hone machine
    Superflow SF1020 digital Probench
    Ultrahone wrist pin fitting machine
    Sunnen VR5005 Valve cutting machine
    Sunnen CV616 Cylinder honing machine
    Bridgeport mills for all custom mill work
    Berco Block deck & cylinder head deck cutting machine
    Sunnen VGS 20 Valve job machine
    Hines Eliminator Crank Balancer
    Miller tig welders

    WHEEL SERVICES: TRE also offers custom wheel fitting services!

    We offer specialized wheel re-drilling services for wheels that do not fit a car (street, strip or drag), or that needs a bolt pattern change. We also stock and sell CNC billet wheel pattern adapters for many vehicles.



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