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Charlie Watson, NHRA Comp Eliminator standout and new TRE customer. Charlie went .70+ under his H/A index the first day with his new TRE Engine, then went on to set the national record at NHRA DIV4 race in Belle Rose Louisianna and qualified #2.
With an runner up at the season finally of the RAM Racing series, Tina and John took the top spot in the points chase for this season in the PRO N/A class by 1 ½ points! The Firebird ran 7.90's all day, in a class that up until this season, was dominated by mostly Chevy’s. Gaydosh Performance is going to be a force to reckon with in 2007!

Gaydosh Performance
-John and Tina Gaydosh
Since Team 07 has been using TRE Race Engines our whole racing program has stepped up. We won 8 races in the 2006 race season, and was a contender for the championship at the end of the points year. Although we runner-up in points this year, our engine program has made a dramatic change for the good.

TRE's knowledge of racing engines, knows what it takes to make very good horsepower and still have all the derivability and durability of an everyday car. As we gear up for the upcoming 2007 season I can't wait to see how our race engine program will do. We plan on traveling allot, so durability is a must, and you can for sure get that with a TRE Race Engine.

2005 Atomic Motor Speedway Sportsman Champ 2006 Atomic Speedway points runner up

Jason Cardwell
TRE has been building engines for us since 1991. During that time he has built small blocks as well as big blocks. The 300 CI small block Taylor Lastor built for us was the fastest naturally aspirated small block in the country at the time. We ran B/D with the small block and achieved a best ET of 6.77 @ 196 MPH.

In January 2005 we went to a 500 CI fro TRE. Wow what a piece! With the new TRE engine, 2005 produced 2 wins and 1 runner-up. In 2006 we set the NHRA Nation Record in B/D @ 6.61 @ 205.52 MPH. That is four hundredths quicker and two and one half MPH faster than the previous record.

All the motors we get from TRE are and have been very reliable. TRE is always working on R&D to make their engines better. Their dedication to their customers is beyond reproach. When R&D produces HP, TRE makes the gain's available as soon as discovered to their customers.
If you are seeking exceptional HP, reliability and customer service, I would highly recommend TRE. We have been nothing but pleased with both. Our racing program has continued to spiral upwards since using TRE. Probably one of the most valuable assets TRE provides is their availability to their customers. Taylor has always been as close as the telephone, no matter where we are racing. His input and caring for our racing program has helped us to continue to improve our program.

Heckel Racing
69 blown Camaro -Owned by Tony Johnson, he qualified number one at the north south outlaw 10.5 big dawg shootout in Piedmont, NC and also a runner up finish in Piedmont with his TRE Blown Hemi combo, first race out.
Shane Tucker Australian Pro Stock event winner, Finished 2nd in 05/06 season points, 05 and 06 national event winner. Congrats to Shane Tucker on winning the final Australian Pro Stock race in 2009 with TRE Horsepower. Look out next
season boys!
Taylor Lastor's personal NHRA/IHRA legal Pro Mod 67' Camaro Pro Mod entry. Equiped with a TRE 526" Hemi, the latest development project for TRE Engines. Early results have had Taylor with top speed and low ET's on the Jegs tour. Many top half qualifying efforts also.
When I get into my racecar I want my engine built by people that know what kind of racing I do for my class. That's why I rely on TRE Racing Engines. Taylor Laster, Tim and the gang at TRE can take care of all your needs from stock to Pro Mod etc.

Lonnie Sumner
2005 Champion Lakewood Super Rod Div. 4
Bill Kear many time champion 4WD Truck Puller in numerous pulling associations. Including NTPA, PPA with his TRE built "747" and "648" BB Chevy combinations.
Lamar Swindoll, True Ten 5-Limited Street standout. Number 1 qualifier and runner up first weekend out in 07' with his new TRE 465 CI Small block powerplant.
Allen/Roy Johnson and team car Richie Stevens, run the TRE Billet runner proprietary design intakes with great success!!

First race in 07' with TRE design on the team Johnson car, runner up finish at the Houston NHRA national race. With many other great qualifying efforts and runs, good luck to team Johnson
UPDATE! The first race Team Berner runs their TRE billet intake they win the 07' IHRA Tulsa Pro Stock race, congrats to Team Berner!

Pete Berner,
IHRA Pro Stock 06' world champion runs the TRE Billet runner proprietary design intake on his John Kaase Chevy-semi hemi. First race in 07' on the IHRA tour with his TRE intake qualifies number one by .02 hundredths and 2 MPH in Tulsa! Good job team Berner.
Steve Holloway, NHRA Competition Eliminator standout. Winner of the 07' NHRA Denver points race in only the second race out with his TRE 747" CI. Sonny Hemi headed engine.
Jesse Plant, NHRA Comp Eliminator Chevy V6, since the addition of his TRE Billet runner intake in mid 07' and some other power upgrades, the Plant team has qualified in the top 2 and 3 at recent races and has already made a few impressive final 4 appearances.
Will Hatcher, One of the newest TRE customers. First weekend out with his new TRE 500" DRCE2. at the Denver National race. Number 4 qualifier and a runner up finish. Great job Team Hatcher!
Ernest Watson, went .70+ under the first day with new TRE engine, then at the NHRA DIV4 race in Belle Rose, Louisiana went to his first final round. Congrats!
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