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Brad Boone out of NC uses his 800CI TRE engine to run in Auto Pro mod and ADRL, Brad has reset track records already and run a 4.15 177 mph. Pretty strong for only a handful of runs on his new combination in Automatic pro mod.
Frank Cervelli, NHRA comp eliminator standout with a event win in 2008 and top ten in points. Frank uses a TRE billet runer intake atop his MBE cylinder heads.
Steve Kalkowski in his NHRA Comp Eliminator B/A Firebird with his TRE BB DRCE2 Engine, Semi final showing at 2008 Topeka NHRA Nationals with his new TRE engine, then a few races later Steve is the fastest B/A at the 2008 NHRA Denver National race, #4 qualifier and runs .61 under on the brakes in eliminators!
Brian Sandlin, Texas True Ten inch tire racer, equipped with a TRE 565CI BB Chevy conventional head single ProCharger engine. 2500 horsepower on alcohol. Brian has run 4.90s 154+ on true ten inch tires and 3300lbs.
Longtime TRE customer Doug Harris is his new Stroupe GTO Outlaw 10.5, equipped with a 650CI TRE Engine, Sonny Hemi heads, billet block and twin turbos on alcohol, making over 3000 HP. Early testing yielded 4.50's 165++ on less than 20lbs of boosts! lookout!
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Lamar Swindoll, Team Medina Ranch Resort has been hitting the NHRA Pro Stock tour most of this 2008 season in testing for an all out assault in 2009. They will be running a TRE 500CI" DRCE2 engine with Taylor assisting with some crew chief duties. Also on another note is you want to visit a beautiful resort, plan a company retreat, or go a on real exotic game hunt, Visit the teams website
Mark Beuring and Shane Heckel have run one race in the Team Beuring Chevy Cobalt NHRA Pro Stocker this year with a few more races to come on the tour in testing for the 2009 NHRA Pro Stock season. Equipped with a TRE 500CI" DRCE2 race engine making over 1400hp at 10000 RPM.
Justin Curry in his Texas True ten five nitrous powered Camaro, one tough competitor in OTTA competition. Justin is about to unveil his new car with his TRE 580CI Hemi twin turbo engine. 3000 horsepower on true ten inch tires!
Elijah Morton won the 2008 IHRA Pro Stock race in San Antonio, Tx.
TRE Congratulates Team Morton & Allen for there Pro Stock win using there TRE Billet runner manifolds with many more wins to come.
The famed outlaw 10.5 racer Craig Miller in his new quick8outlaws automatic pro mod car/ ADRL 10" tire car. First race out semi final finish and fastest nitrous car in the field and on Sunday out of 25 cars! 4.10s at 175++ in the summer time, look out!
We at SBE Trucking racing are very satisfied with the performance we have attained from TRE. Our 598c.i. Firebird was able to perform at levels with 700c.i. plus cars at various events with the same track/weather conditions. We were two tenths behind until switching our engine program to TRE, and was pleasantly surprised at the affordable pricing.

We were spending less and not hurting the motor with N2O tune-ups from Taylor. The Firebird with the 598 has ran a best of 4.42 @ 162 with TRE power. We are anxiously awaiting the completion of our new 63' Corvette to put our new TRE 5-inch engine in to do battle in ADRL ProN2O, and TS at IHRA Nationals. We are very satisfied with the price of our new 5-inch engine and look forward to putting up some impressive numbers on the scoreboard.

Thanks Again Stephen and Angela Braden
Winner of the 2006 Valdosta ORSCA outlaw 10.5 race, 2nd in ORSCA points in 05 and second in points in 06.

We ordered a 771 inch motor this year from TRE and have been in contention for the OSCRA association points championship all year. We made over 50 3 NOS system runs on the brand new motor before we even took a look at it.

Our best et to date has been 4.52 and best mph 169.90. We have one more race this year and have not burned any pistons to date. I don't know what else you could ask for in a motor. The service has been great. Taylor and his staff have basically been on call for us 24-7.

R. Craig Miller
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