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TRE Racing Engines & Packages:
At TRE we build complete race engines from carb to pan!


We build engines for drag race, oval track, tractor pull, race boats and more. Anything from an all steel motors, to a complete all aluminum motors are available. ProStock, Pro-mod, Super Stock, Australian Pro stock and any other race motor you can imagine. Any cubic inch, nitrous motors, blower motors, turbo motors, or just naturally aspirated motors.

Our race engines have won championships in many classes in many countries.

TRE is constantly developing and improving every engine we offer!

When you go with one of our engines, you can be assured it's the best product we can give you!

TRE supplies engine stands and crates each engine for shipping.
TRE Engine Completely Assembled and Dyno Tested
TRE Dyno sheets are included with every engine.
TRE Engine Packages can be customized for customer need. Call us with your requests or specific needs.

New Equipment!

TRE is proud to announce the addition of our latest hi-tech piece of equipment to the shop -the Centroid built, custom 560XL!

Precision machine work at it's finest! Check out the new machine with photos right here!

Top Dragster, Top Sportsman and Fast brackets:
  TRE has researched long and hard, offering excellent combos built for the exciting new classes like T/D and T/S. Our idea is to build high horsepower engines with long bracket style longevity. TRE addressed the valve train issues that comes along with bigger cammed, higher RPM max effort engines.

TRE used it's experience in Pro Stock and heads up type racing to build our engines that will out perform your competition. We have a complete line of all motor, high horsepower engines and also a complete lineup of bracket race-able high HP nitrous combos. TRE revealed its 5.300 bore space all motor 11 degree engine in late 2012 with excellent on track runs. We also welcome any custom ideas you may have in mind.
Mud racers:
  TRE has built countless new designs for the all motor Mud racers and also a huge lineup of nitrous assisted bad boys for the mud. TRE engines have won countless races in 2011 and 2012 "in the mud" Our conventional style head engines dominate in the all motor classes. With attention to cylinder heads, cam design and unmatched carb design.

TRE Engines are a must for your all motor mud racer. Our Fords and Chevy designs win week after week. From Pro Stock to Outlaw Pro Stock TRE Fords and Chevy nitrous masters control the mud also. We pride ourselves on nitrous engines that made unheard of power where reliability is a must. Call TRE about your current mud project!
Pro Mod Nitrous racers:
  If your looking or a current Nitrous pro mod racer, look no further than our lineup of 5.300 bore space nitrous animals. TRE took a 2 year break from racing any type of "shop car" to develop there new 5.300 bore space engines for 2013 race season. At TRE we built and dynoed tested 4 different brands of billet blocks, we also researched multiple head designs with our Pro Stock background in air flow and design at work.

All TRE 5.300 engines come with our newest billet head design. With a special rocker system that won't let you down. TRE 5.300 engines have already proven themselves in many markets. We have tested 824,832,854,864, 872 and 903ci engines. TRE has EFI and carbureted engines in stock! Call if you want to out run the cookie cutter Pro Mod engines out there today!
Grudge racers:
  TRE Engines have dominated grudge racing for 15 years. No matter if you want a "sleeper" single carb animal in disguise or a twin carb sheet metal fire breathing bad boy, we got you covered. TRE sells the best power out there at a players price.

TRE also offers a quicker service time on repairs and freshens than anyone. TRE takes care of the grudge racer! Many of today's top dogs run TRE, you just don't know it, it hasn't been said. Backhalf, Outlaw, G body, turbo, nitrous. It doesn't matter TRE will help you dominate and be at the top of the game.

TRE offers the full line of Procharger products from the 9 second streetable 2013 Camaro bolt on kit. All the way to 3000hp radial tire monster combo.

We have also released a TRE Procharger pump gas line of engines. 800-1400 hp on pump gas!

Great for real street sleepers and boat combos.

Some of the organizations our engines and products compete in...



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